Monday, 21 July 2014

Rayman Legends Frees And Fights

Barbara's Free!Barbara's Free!Rayman Legends continued on from the previous day with a number of sessions across the day resulting in seven unlocks and beginning with Barbara's Free (10G) for saving the Barbarian princess with This ain't a platform! (10G) popping up for standing atop an enemy shield until he attacked me.

Barbara's Free!Barbara's Free!Perfect! (10G) unlocked after collecting three lums cups and three teensy cups in a single painting while Rock that Castle! (10G) popped up for completing the Castle Rock painting.

Barbara's Free!Barbara's Free!Lucky! (10G) unlocked after scratching 10 lucky tickets and was soon followed by Bad joke (10G) for destroying the parachutes of five enemies to make them fall.

Barbara's Free!Nostalgia (10G) unlocked after completing the first Back to Origins painting and ended the day.