Monday, 12 May 2014

Wordament Snap Attack Begins

Best PlayFirst SnapA huge backlog of posts begins with another new game to my list in the shape of Wordament Snap Attack which was free on Windows 8 and saw 12 unlocks in the first session beginning with First Snap (10G) for making a snap on the board. Best Play (10G) popped up for creating a highest scoring snap.

Bonus (10G) unlocked for using a bonus tile as part of a snap while Recall (10G) popped up for making a snap, recalling the tiles and then creating a brand new snap.

Snap SnapDouble Double
Snap Snap (10G) unlocked after creating a multi-snap by using two words with Double Double (10G) popping up for using the same bonus tile twice in a single snap. 
Simul-SnapLucky Seven
Lucky Seven (10G) unlocked for using all seven tiles in a multi-snap with Simul-Snap (10G) popping up after moving a single tile to create multiple independent snaps. 
MultilingualCH a CH ING
CH a CH ING (10G) unlocked after using a multi-letter tile to make a snap while Multilingual (10G) popped up for playing Tap-Snap in more than one language. 

TrifectaSwap Snap
Swap Snap (10G) unlocked after swapping two tiles to make a unique snap with the session ending with Trifecta (10G) popping up for playing the same Single-Snap in three unique ways. 
Hunting Season in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (Xbox One)Running of the Gnomes in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (Xbox One)
The evening saw a session on Plants v Zombies Garden Warfare which resulted in two unlocks beginning with Running of the Gnomes (25G) for planting five Gnome Bombs with Hunting Season (50G) popping up for vanquishing 100 Soldiers, 100 Scientists, 100 Engineers and 100 All-Stars.