Friday, 7 March 2014

Toy Story 3 Collection Complete

Holding all the CardsMemoriesAn hour-long session to begin the day on Toy Story 3 saw six unlocks totalling 290G beginning with Memories (25G) for collecting all of Andy's Memorabilia while Holding all the Cards (50G) popped up for finding all of the Regular Cards.

The CollectorReally holding all the cardsReally holding all the cards (30G) unlocked for finding all the Special Cards with The Collector (120) popping up for gathering every collectible on the game.

Toy CollectorToy Collector (50G) unlocked for purchasing every item in the Toy Store with Photojournalist (15G) popped up for completing all of the Toy Camera missions.

Stylish Project in PeggleA quick go on Peggle saw a single unlock in the shape of Stylish Project (15G) for hitting 1 million style shot points in a single turn.