Saturday, 22 March 2014

Civilization Revolution Goes Country Crazy

Such Joy Ambition FindsVi Victa VisA superb day on Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution saw a stunning 14 unlocks edging me closer to full completion and began with Vi Victa Vis (30G) for winning a Domination victory on King difficulty while Such Joy Ambition Finds (45G) popped up for winning a domination victory on Deity difficulty which cam in the same game.

Embiggens the Smallest ManCitizen of the WorldEmbiggens the Smallest Man (30G) unlocked for winning a Cultural victory on King difficulty with the instant pop up of Citizen of the World (45G) for winning a Cultural victory on Deity difficulty. 

640K Ought to be EnoughVeni Vidi Vici

Veni Vidi Vici (15G) unlocked for winning as Roman civilization with 640K Ought to be Enough (popping up for winning a Technology victory on King difficulty.

Let a Hundred Flowers BloomPower Never Takes a Back StepPower Never Takes a Back Step (25G) unlocked for winning with a single city on King difficulty with Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom (15G) popping up for winning as a Chinese civilization. 

Blood and IronFair and Softly Goes Far Fair and Softly Goes Far (15G) unlocked for winning as a Spanish civilization while Blood and Iron (15G) popped up for winning as a German civilization. 

Imagination Rules the World
An Indomitable WillImagination Rules the World (15G) unlocked for winning as a French civilization with An Indomitable Will (15G) popped up for winning as an Indian civilization. 
All Others Must Fail 
Difficulties Mastered 
All Others Must Fall (15G) unlocked for winning as a Mongolian civilization while the night ended with the popping up of Difficulties Mastered (30G) for winning a victory with each civilzation.