Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Xbox One Focuses On Sport

Challenging in FIFA 14 (Xbox One)A triple session on the Xbox One saw three sports games take focus beginning with FIFA 14 and the unlocking of Challenging (30G) for completing a Matchday Challenge in Highlights of the Week on World Class difficulty.
A Rare Thing IndeedThe New Breed in Madden NFL 25 (Xbox One)The New Breed (25G) unlocked after scoring a rushing and passing TD with a QB in a single game and next up was Powerstar Golf and the unlocking of A Rare Thing Indeed (20G) for equipping an extreme piece of gear. 
In Full Gear In Full Gear (20G) unlocked after equipping new gear in place of all 'Greenheart ' items while the session came to an end as Soaring (20G) unlocked for scoring an eagle.