Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Lego Movie Story Mode Complete

Too Bad!First Try!Another long session on Lego Movie saw the completion of the story mode which was a massive reason for the haul of eleven unlocks which began First Try! (20G) for completing a construction build without losing any studs and was swiftly followed by Too Bad! (10G) for successfully switching from the Good Cop to the Bad Cop.

I Super Hate You Right NowI Am A Master Builder!I Am A Master Builder! (20G) unlocked for completing the thirteenth level Back From Reality and in doing so up popped I So Hate You Right Now (10G) for playing as both Superman and Green Lantern.

You Can Still Change EverythingRelease Every Micro Manager!Release Every Micro Manager (20G) unlocked after completing the fourteenth level Bricksburg Under Attack and was later followed by You Can Still Change Everything (20G) for completing the fifteenth and final level The Final Showdown.

It's Just BusinessPow Pow! Bullet Bullet! Gun!As the story was complete, it was now a case of cleaning up all of the smaller unlocks and that began with Pow Pow! Bullet Bullet! Gun! (20G) for killing 30 enemies as Emmet Cowboy and soon joined by It's Just Business (5G) for using the Lord Business Legs Machine.

Including, But Not Limited ToThe Prophecy, I Made It Up!The Prophecy, I Made It Up! (10G) unlocked for switching between Vitruvius and Ghost Vitruvius with Including, But Not Limited To (10G) popping up for purchasing all of the Master Builders.

The Special People In Your LifeThe Special People In Your Life (40G) ended the night as it popped up after successfully purchasing every available character.