Saturday, 25 January 2014

Powerstar Golf On Par as Peggle 2 Returns

Objection! in Peggle 2
Fore! in Powerstar GolfThe day began with a quick go on Peggle 2 while I was downloading Powerstar Golf and unlocked Objection (25G) for completing 60 optional objectives. As the download had finished, I then went on Powerstar Golf which I got on sale after waiting for it to drop in price since the Xbox One launch and over a split four hour session, I unlocked eight achievements beginning with Fore! (5G) for achieving an amateur rating in a career event.

SureshotValuable Commodity in Powerstar GolfValuable Commodity (10G) unlocked for equipping three different boosters in a single round while Sureshot (20G) popped up for hitting three perfect strikes on a par five hole ending in a par score or better.

Chip & InMovie StarMovie Star (25G) unlocked for holing out spectacularly to trigger an automatic game clip as can be seen in the following video with other clever shots with Chip & In (20G) popping up for chipping the ball into the cup from off  the green from the aforementioned shot.

Best Friends TwiceTweet TweetThe special shot spawned a third achievement in the shape of Tweet Tweet (10G) for scoring a birdie while Best Friends Twice (25G) popped up for beating a friend's record, losing it and then regaining it.

No ContestNo Contest (10G) unlocked after completing three Powerstar challenges and ended the session and was the final achievement of the day that brought the current achievement streak to 124 in 27 days.