Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2013 Summary

2013 has been a mixed year in terms of 'Xboxing' as after the first five months I had only unlocked a total of 188 achievements which is horrific when compared the last five months of the year of which three finished above 100 unlocks. The best month was saved until last with December totalling an amazing 196 unlock, a record that will be hard to equal never mind beat in 2014. On the subject of records a number did tumble in 2013 with the completed games target hitting both targets of 20 and 26 so for 2014, 30 and then the ambition of 50 will be placed as goals.

Achievements won passed four milestones from 3750-4000-4250 and 4500 with the target for the year reached on December 23rd with the target of 5000 missed for a second consecutive year but surely in sight for 2014 with under 500 needed so that will be the first target in 2014 with the tradition of beating the previous year also installed as a goal.

True achievement scores have been mixed this year due to high opening scores on the Xbox One which saw an amazing boost in score in November dampened by consistent decreases in December mainly due to having began unlocking on 'Day One' but it was worth when coupled with the DLC calculation from March. However, the target for the year was met on December 20th but due to the extra calculation the overall target was not met so a re-worked goal is needed for 2014.

Gamerscore has seen a vast rise but sadly just like TA failed to meet its required target but by a slim margin of around 1000G which is a positive when back in the bad period at the start of the year I had only earned 3000G and yet I collected that amount in December alone in a brilliant end to the year.

Goal - Reach 100,000 gamerscore - 82,815 so only 47% completed but a brilliant haul overall of 15.455G which should be better in 2014 with the amount of games at my disposal.7

Goal - Reach 5000 achievements and ended the year on 4542 so 67% of the goal which mean surely it will be reached in 2014

Goal - Reach 114458 True Achievement score was successfully reached with the year ending on 115,724 with the extra goals of 116,785 and 127,327 missed after the addition of extra points on the target from March.

For 2014, a number of new goals will join the continuing goals of 5000, 100,000 and 125,000 TA with new ones installed if the originals are reached so I end by saying Happy New Year to all readers!!!