Monday, 23 December 2013

Milestones Continue To Pop Up On Dance Day

Endless-ish Setlist in Dance Central 2Look Ma, No Flashcards! in Dance CentralThe day began with a go on Dance Central and the unlocking of Look Ma, No Flashcards (15G) for performing a song with flashcards disabled and earning five stars which was my 4500th achievement while later in the day I went on Dance Central 2 with the first unlock being Endless-ish  Setlist (15G) for completing a playlist of 15  minutes or more.

Choreographer - BronzeGet the Picture in Dance Central 2At the end of the playlist, I unlocked Get The Picture (15G) for uploading a photo and then moved on to Just Dance 3 and unlocked Choreographer-Bronze (5G) for creating a choreographed routine.

Part of the community - BronzePart of the community - BronzePart of the community-Bronze (5G) unlocked for playing on my own choreography with Part of the community-Gold (5G) unlocking for uploading my choreography and brought up the milestone of 115,000 TA points.

THANKS FOR PLAYING! in Michael Jackson: The ExperienceRookie Trickster in Kinect Joy RideA quick go on MJ - The Experience saw the unlocking of THANKS FOR PLAYING! (15G) for watching the entire credits sequence while the night came to an end with a short go on Kinect Joyride which saw the unlocking of Rookie Trickster (25G) for playing the Trick activity ten times.