Tuesday, 24 December 2013

2012 Achievement Record Tumbles As Dash Ends

At the start of the year, I set various goals to achieve via Xbox including beating the 2012 totals, due to recalculation the TA one was extended meaning that the first to be reached is the achievement total which was 936 last year and today was equalled officially.

The reason I say officially is because even though I have eight extra achievements on Xbox One apps, they don't count towards game totals and are not added on my tracker site ' Trueachievements.com' but will count overall putting me at 4533, with my target set at 4525 for 2013.

For this reason, I have ended the Xbox Dash a week early as there are too many games to try and cram into the time which would have seen some get barely ten minutes playtime if the project continued so until the end of the year, I will play to further my 2013 totals but not on as grand a scale as 10 games a day.

Strike a Pose in Kinect Joy RideLightning MatchThe day began with the continuation of Kinect Joyride from the previous day and a single unlock set the day off in the shape of Strike a Pose (5G) for matching 100 poses in the Trick activity and then off to bed. The next session began in the afternoon with Microsoft Taptiles with Lightning Match (15G) unlocking for matching five pairs in under two seconds.

Master Mechanic in Reckless Racing Ultimate (Win 8)TranquilityTranquility (10G) unlocked for completing 100 puzzles in Relaxation mode while next up was Reckless Racing where Master Mechanic (10G) for upgrading a car to its maximum level.
I will survive
Head in the GameI will Survive (10G) unlocked for getting a ranked score in Quick Survival mode on Hole In the Wall while I moved onto Your Shape 2012 and up popped Head in the Game (10G) for completing three types of single player activity.

Orange BeltIn it to Win ItIn it to Win it (10G) unlocked for completing five types of single player activity with Orange Belt (5G) popping up for burning 100 calories.

Fitness ScoutLet's Get Hot!Let's Get Hot! (10G) unlocked for completing every warm-up activity while Fitness Scout (10G) popped up for collecting five badges.

Workout Buddies in EA Sports Active 2
Hat in Brunswick Pro Bowling (EU Ver)Workout Buddies (10G) unlocked on EA Sports Active 2 for completing a multiplayer workout while on Brunswick Pro Bowling, Hat (50G) unlocked for top scoring in the Beginner tournament with a stunning 177.

Fly Distance Trials CompleteRiding Trials CompleteThe night ended with a session on Crossboard 7 which began with the unlocking of Riding Trials Complete (30G) for completing the Riding trials while Fly Distance Trials Complete (30G) glided in for completing the Fly Distance trials.

I Can Fly!Starting BoostStarting Boost (20G) unlocked for changing from the stopping to accelerating position before the race started with I Can Fly! (80G) popping up for getting big air in a race.

Jib & SwitchJib and Switch (40G) unlocked for performing a switch while jibbing and on the popping up of  No Crash Ace (20G) for finishing a race in 1st without crashing, another milestone appeared this time the 4500th achievement to equal last years total in terms of gaming unlocks.