Saturday, 23 November 2013

Angry Birds Star Wars Uses Force As XBOX One Enters

The Force is strong in Angry Birds Star WarsA quick go on Angry Birds Star Wars kept up the achievement streak which now sits at 126 in 35 days with the unlocking of The Force is strong (20G) for earning all of the bonus scores on the multiplayer.

Xbox One entered the fray today with the delivery of the 'Day One Edition' but as achievement lists for the launch games were only revealed a day before the launch, my source sites of True Achievements and X360 Achievements have not been updated and as such the achievement pictures and TA scores are not available so I will have to improvise.

I unlocked the Day One achievement for receiving the Xbox One on the release date (possibly 0G) and game wise, unlocked 11 achievements for 130G on FIFA 14  but details will be added when available.

My launch day unboxings feature below as well as my improvised magnetic scores which hopefully will be accurately updated by Monday.