Sunday, 8 September 2013

Saints Row IV Story Climaxes In 250th Post

Saints Row IV is two unlocks away from 100% completion after a truly amazing day which saw the milestone of 75,000 G reached early on and saw the completion of the story late in the evening.

Bouncin' with an Old FriendParanormal BromanceA haul of 16 achievements totalling 375 G and 652 TA points began with the unlocking of Paranormal Bromance (25G) for completing all Matt's quests and missions while Bouncin' with an Old Friend (25G) popped up for completing all Johnny Gat's quests and missions. 

Where's My Cape?ElementaryElementary (10G) swept in after choosing a new element for all of my superpowers and swiftly following was Where's My Cape (20G) for purchasing all superpower upgrades.
Experimental TechAnd I Ran...And I Ran... (10G) sped in for Super Sprinting for 250,000 metres while Experimental Tech (20G) shot in for killing 25 Aliens with the following weapons: Dubstep, InflatoRay, Bounce Gun, Disintegrator, Abduction, and Black Hole Gun.

Pounding the PavementHalf Way HomeHalf Way Home (25G) moved in for completing half of the open world gameplay in two districts of the simulated Steelport then Pounded The Pavement (10G) stomped in for killing 100 Aliens using the Stomp Super Power. 
How It Should BeThe Two ShaundisThe Two Shaundis (25G) unlocked for completing all Shaundi's quests and missions while How It Should Be (40G) came in for completing all open world game play across the entirety of simulated Steelport. 

Zoo KeeperOn Her Saint's Secret Service On Her Saints Secret Service (25G) spied in for completing all Asha's quests and missions and was soon joined by Zoo Keeper (10G) for killing 25 Wardens which took a lot of effort may I add.

I Am Become DeathA Real Cluster....A Real Cluster... (30G) finally unlocked after collecting all Data Clusters which totalled 1255 spread across the map and was an lot of work but the success was soon increased as I Am Become Death (30G) dropped in for killing 1000 Aliens with any combination of Super Powers.

Saints & SensibilitySaints and Sensibility (30G) linked in for completing 'Grand Finale' after having completed all 'Homie Missions' and the final achievement of the night was the nail in the coffin for the villain Zinyak in the shape of Imperator (40G) for completing 'Grand Finale' and in doing so bringing the story to a close.

So just two achievements left on the game mean playing for a total of 40 hours and completing all of the 65 challenges of which I have completed 36.