Sunday, 29 September 2013

FIFA 14 Scores 18

A break from GTA V sees newly released FIFA 14 take centre stage and what a spectacular day it was with a stunning 18 achievements totalling 240G.

Thanks, TipsStarted From The Bottom…The haul began with Started From The Bottom (30G) for reaching EASFC level 15 which was an instant pop-up having reached 23 on previous versions.Thanks. Tips (5G) unlocked for following a Football Club recommendation.

It's Mine Now
Start BuildingIt's Mine Now (10G) popped up for redeeming an item from the Football Club catalogue while Start Building (10G) came after creating a FUT club which saw me move from my traditional Stattosians to Stattosians FC.

Power and MovementFuel For My ClubFuel For My Club (25G) unlocked for opening 20 packs in FUT, the reason that I unlocked it so quickly was because I had opened 16 on the FUT web app pre-release. Power and Movement (10G) thrust in for scoring with a curling lace shot which came via Valbuena.

Skills to Pay the BillsSeconds, PleaseSeconds, Please (10G) unlocked for winning the ball back with a second chance tackle while Skills to Pay the Bills (20G) popped up for beating a friend's score in a skill game.

First MissionSo SkilledSo Skilled (20G) tricked in for unlocking a first skill challenge in skill games which was on the goalkeeping skill while First Mission (5G) popped up for sending a scout on a scouting mission.

ControlYou Got MailYou Got Mail (5G) unlocked for opening the inbox while advancing in a career while Control (5G) popped up for changing the formation from the Team Management tile in Squad during a career.

Chemistry ExperimentYou Struck Gold!You Stuck Gold! (25G) unlocked for finding a player through scouting with any three Global Transfer Network attributes in career mode while Chemistry Experiment (10G) bubbled up for applying a Chemistry Style to a player in FUT.

I Could Do This Every WeekHey Look, a Free Gold Pack! I Could Do This Every Week ( 10G) unlocked for challenging the Team of the Week in FUT while Hey Look, a Free Gold Pack! (15G) opened up for completing all manager tasks in FUT.

Long Term SigningFrom Me To YouFrom Me To You (10G) unlocked for gifting an item to a friend and finally to bring the night to a close, Long Term Signing (10G) popped up for applying a 99 match contract to a player in FUT.