Sunday, 8 September 2013

AlphaJax Spells As Saints Row IV Becomes Complete

Deft Doer Achievement in AlphaJax (Win 8)An early morning catch up on AlphaJax saw the unlock of Deft Doer (10G) for playing 100 moves across all games.

Fourth and FortyLater on I continued my pursuit of finishing Saints Row IV as I needed two final achievements for completion and early on Fourth and Forty (40G) clocked in for spending over 40 hours in the Simulation. A long day of effort on challenges and activities spanning six hours climaxed with the unlocking of The Challenge King (30G) for completing all of the challenges and my final scenes can be seen in the following video...

So Saints Row IV becomes my 10th retail completion and 20th overall completion as some previous completions have received DLC which has uncompleted' them and hopefully will be re-completed in the future.