Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Forza Horizon Rallies On

Due to spending a lot of time on Forza Horizon over the last few weeks, I decided it was time to get onto the DLC and get to at least 50 of the 70 total achievements to make all my effort worth it.

It's Just Money Achievement in Forza HorizonSwings and Roundabouts Achievement in Forza Horizon It's Just Money (20G) unlocked for earning a medal while in 14 different cars worth 1 million credits while Swings and Roundabouts (20G) popped up for completing three instances of each playground game. 

Take her for a Power Slide Achievement in Forza HorizonOMGWT*BBQ!? Achievement in Forza HorizonOMGWT*BBQ!? (20G) unlocked for winning five cars online after leveling up and was swiftly followed by Take her for a Power Slide (20G) for obtaining my first Horizon Rally car. 
Now that's a Special Stage Achievement in Forza Horizon 
Mile High Club Achievement in Forza HorizonNow that's a Special Stage (20G) unlocked for completing my first Horizon Rally stage while Mile High Club (10G) popped up for attaining 1609 metres of air across Horizon Rally stages. 

Horizon Rally Champion Achievement in Forza HorizonCovered in Mud and Glory Achievement in Forza HorizonCovered in Mud and Glory (20G) unlocked for winning my first Horizon Rally and was later joined by Horizon Rally Champion (75G) for becoming Horizon Rally Champion. 

High Five! Achievement in Forza Horizon As the night drew to a close, High Five (20G) unlocked for purchasing all five rally cars and capped off a great day with nine achievements for a total of 225G and 423 TA points.