Monday, 24 June 2013

Forza Horizon and Angry Birds Star Wars Light Up Sunday

Out of the Blue Achievement in Forza HorizonForza Horizon continue past midnight and before bed I unlocked Out of the Blue (30G) for receiving the Blue wristband.

Force LearnerJedi Knight Angry Birds Star Wars in the afternoon saw two unlocks beginning with Jedi Knight (10G) for smashing 500 blocks with the saber while Force Learner (10G) popped up for moving 2000 blocks with force.

#WINNING!One to WatchBack onto Forza Horizon and unlocked One to Watch (10G) for claiming 200th position on the popularity chart which was soon followed by #WINNING (15G) for dominating 10 festival races.

Racing for PinksWARNING!!! DANGER TO MANIFOLD Achievement in Forza HorizonWARNING!!! DANGER TO MANIFOLD (15G) unlocked for winning 10 Street races and later on Racing For Pinks (35G) popped for receiving the Pink wristband.