Sunday, 14 April 2013

Monster Island and Crash Course Go Land On Windows 8

Another free game in the shape of Monster Island and five unlocks this morning beginning with Curiosity Killed Monsters (10G) after starting the game with 750 coins and spending the on a new monster. Like a Boss (10G)n unlocked for completing a level with three stars.

No Clue (10G) popped up for seeing a levels solution while In Your Face (10G) unlocked for hitting a monster in the head.

 Lastly Chill Down (10G) swept in killing an enraged monster so 50G and five achievements for as little as 10 minutes play. Next up was Crash Course Go and a quick unlock in Roadrunner (10G) for retrying a level and beating the previous score.

American Hero (10G) unlocked for completing all five USA levels while Hats off to You! (10G) popped up after getting launched through the Magic Hat in Vegas 5.