Friday, 12 April 2013

Bioshock Infinite Powers On

A late night and early morning's work on Bioshock Infinite saw a massive haul of ten unlocks across the story which began with David and Goliath (10G) for killing 20 'Heavy Hitter' enemies while Tear 'em a New One (25G) for opening 30 Tears.

Armed Revolt (10G) unlocked for assisting the Gunsmith - Chen Lin and was swiftly followed by Raising The Bar (10G) for upgrading an attribute to the maximum level which I did with the Health infusion.

Working Class Hero (25G) unlocked for completing the Factory phase of the story and Hazard Pay (25G) popped up for utilising environmental hazards to kill ten enemies.

Seasoned to Taste (5G) unlocked for killing 30 enemies with the Peppermill Crank Gun while Well Rounded (10G) popped up for using all eight vigors against enemies.

The Roguish Type (25G) unlocked for using Elizabeth to perform 30 successful lock picks and the final success for the night was Combination Shock (50G) which popped up for performing all eight vigor combinations and sealed the 10th unlock of the day and a total of 195G with the milestone of 70,000G reached.