Tuesday, 1 January 2013

XBOX Achievements 2012 Evaluation

After setting goals for the XBOX in January before this blog began, today I evaluate how well or how bad I have done.

Goal - Reach 100,000 gamer-score and ended the year on 67,370 so 33.7% of the goal but better than expected when only on about 17% mid-year and earned 16560 overall for the year.

Goal - Reach 5000 achievements and ended the year on 3589 so 40% of the goal so near halfway in what turned out to be a massive goal with only 936 achievements for the year.

Goal - Reach 100,000 True Achievement score and ended the year on 90,695 so 69% done but the feat might look as though only 9000 odd away but the starting number was 69,811 so in that sense not a massive amount earned.

For 2013, the same goals will be used with higher goals then put in place if the originals are reached so I end by saying Happy New Year to all readers!!!