Sunday, 6 January 2013

Retro City Rampage Hits The Arcade

Killabunga!You Broke The Law!A new release hit the Xbox Live Arcade this week called Retro City Rampage and within 30 minutes play, five achievements unlocked beginning with You Broke The Law! (5G) for raising the threat level and causing a police chase.and Killabunga! (5G) for killing four green sewer dwellers.

Pixel Me Rollin'8-Blow8-Blow (15G) unlocked for blowing up 8 vehicles in 8 seconds while Pixel Me Rollin' (10G) popped up for driving 65536 pixels.

8-bit Hydrant Overflow8-Bit Hydrant Overflow (30G) unlocked for putting 256 people on fire on a single life.