Friday, 14 December 2012

WWE 13 Enters The Ring

WWE 13 next up and in the first hour of play, I managed to get nine unlocks which are as follows..

The champ is here!Arena designerArena designer (10G) unlocked for creating an arena and The Champ is Here! (10G) popped up for creating a championship belt in the title editor.

All original baby!The ring is my home!The ring is my home! (15G) unlocked for playing a match in a created arena while All original baby! (15G) popped up for competing as a created superstar for a created championship while in a created arena.

Made-up original storyCheck out my Entrance Video!Check out my Entrance Video! (10G) unlocked for creating an entrance video and Made-up original story (15G) which popped up for creating a story featuring a created superstar or a created arena. 

This is special!Yes! Yes! Yes! (10G) unlocked for defeating Sheamus while fighting as Daniel Bryan while This is special! (10G) popped up for creating a front, top-rope and corner special move.

Paint tool magicianThe final unlock was Paint tool magician (10G) which came after using the paint tool to place an original logo on an original creation.