Saturday, 15 December 2012

Doritos Crash Course and Adera Episode 2

Doritos Crash Course popped up while browsing my arcade games so had a quick go and unlocked Tarzan (10G) for swinging between 10 ropes in succession and Hopscotch (20G) for bouncing between trampolines 12 times in succession.

Adera Episode 2 appeared after a game update on the Windows 8 store and after successfully completing the first episode I decided to purchase the sequel for £3.49 which was well worth it as I completed the episode and earned all 15 unlocks. Adera now completed with 33 achievements and awaiting episode 3.

Why Did It Have to Be Bees?Hidden Object MasterHidden Object Master (10G) unlocked for completing a Hidden Object scene in under 30 seconds and Why Did It Have to Be Bees? (15G) popped up for chasing away the bees and entering the city.

Casual CollectorIt's Not Just a ToyCasual Collector (10G) unlocked for finding half of the hidden collectibles and It's Not Just a Toy (5G) popped up for finding a use for the kaleidoscope. 

The GlowMemories of AmaroMemories of Amaro (15G) unlocked for observing a memory of Jane and Amaro and The Glow (15G) popped up for pouring the mixture into the sundial.

So CloseThe Life CycleThe Life Cycle (20G) unlocked for placing the missing items on six statues while So Close (15G) popped up for arriving at the tower.

Trials and TribulationsMissed It by That MuchMissed It by That Much (10G) unlocked for building the tower in the wrong place in the strength trial and Trials and Tribulations (20G) popped up for completing all three trials.

Page FlipperPatience Is a VirtuePatience Is a Virtue (10G) unlocked for completing the episode without receiving a rapid-tap warning while Page Flipper (5G) popped up for revisiting each page of the journal.

Date with DestinyCatalog of WondersCatalog of Wonders (15G) unlocked for finding all 45 collectibles in the episode while Date With Destiny (25G) popped up for entering the great hall and speaking with the elders.

The final unlock was Master Puzzler (10G) for completing the episode while using the hint button less than five times and meant for the price of £3.49, I have in a way paid 10p per achievement which is a great bargain.