Sunday, 4 November 2012

Need For Speed Most Wanted Drifts In As Nike Kinect And DC3 Burn Calories

Another new game in NFS- Most Wanted and in the space of the opening hour's play, 10 achievements unlocked.

The first was Fix Me Up (5G) for using a body-shop for the first time and was swiftly followed First Strike (5G) for my first take down on a cop.

Battering Ram (10G) broke through for smashing a road block without crashing and soon joined by Gotcha (15G) for getting busted for the first time.
Switcheroo (10G) popped up for using a Jack spot  while being pursued by the cops and Beast From The East (30G) drove in for escaping the cops in the Marussia B2.

Moving On Up (10G) lifted in for moving up the Most Wanted list for the first time while Feeling The Need (5G) blitzed in for emptying a full can of nitrous without taking damage.

Pit Stop (10G) unlocked for repairing a burst tire in a bodyshop for the first time and the final unlock Alpha Dog (20G) came after shutting down Most Wanted member 10's car, Alpha Romeo 4C Concept.

Later on another new game, Nike+ Kinect Training which at the demo stage was a risky buy due to the mass amount of space needed for correct usage but I set it up in our living room and there was ample space thankfully.

Join The Community (10G) popped up for linking my Nike+ account and Say What? (10G) unlocked for replaying the tutorial for an exercise drill.

Dial It In (10G) unlocked for creating my first Fuel Print and instantly Personalised For You (10G) popped up for completing the assessment.

While using Kinect, I decided to continue my weekend use of Dance Central 3 and unlocked Weekend Warrior (20G) for playing for three consecutive weekends.