Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Windows 8 Play With Taptiles And Adera Ep 1

More on Windows 8 based games and Taptiles with the unlocking of Come To Play (5G) for playing my first daily challenge, Back To Back (10G) for achieving a 2-pair multi-match chain in Origins mode and Milestone (10G) for completing the Foundation pack.

Then onto Adera and on the first episode and over the course of three hours unlocked all 18 achievements for 200G and to make it for the time being my 12th Official completed game and even better is that it is the second in a week.

Dear Diary (5G) unlocked for using the Journal, First Find (5G) for finding my first collectible on the episode.

Lifesaver (10G) for reviving Hawk with water and a medkit and Vision Stone Heirloom (10G) for obtaining the Vision Stone from the Office.

Gimme A Hint (10G) unlocked for using the hint button five times and Canyon Pass (10G) for unlocking the canyon gate with the three animal symbols.

Amateur Collector (5G) unlocked for finding five collectibles and Mad Tapper (5G) popped up for receiving three warnings in a Hidden Object scene.

Keen-eyed Sleuth (10G) unlocked for completing a Hidden Object scene without using the hint button and Ritual Chamber (15G) popped up for entering the hidden valley of Adera.

Zealot Collector (10G) unlocked for finding 40 collectibles and Quetzal Aflame (15G) popped up for finding the way into a hidden city.

Across The Chasm (20G) unlocked for avoiding a deadly fall with a little help and This Way, That Way (5G) popped up for travelling between the same 2 scenes 4 times in 30 seconds.

A Helping Hand (15G) unlocked for using the Share charm and Attention To Detail (20G) popped up for finding all of the collectibles in Episode 1.

Focused Mind (15G) unlocked for completing every Hidden Object scene without skipping and Aderan Paragon (20G) unlocked for completing Episode 1 without any hints.

So in summary, another successful day and the second in under a week to break 20 achievements in a single day and have a completed game. The day saw 21 achievements for 305 TA points and 225G.