Saturday, 27 October 2012

Windows 8 Launches With Free Achievements While DC3 Completes A Week

Windows 8 launched today and as I browsed the new layout I spotted games with Xbox liveries and in downloading noticed they had achievements so went on and played a few of them.

Up first was Microsoft Minesweeper which saw the unlocking of Good Start (10G) for completion of the first minefield and Happens To Everybody (5G) for triggering a mine for the first time.

Wordament was my next game and saw nine unlocks which began with Sweet Sixteen (10G) for finding words which used each of the 16 letters in the grid once in a round. Spin Cycle (10G) spun in for rotating the grid in a round.

Theme Word (10G) unlocked for finding a themed word in a round and at the same time was joined by CH a CH IN g (10G) for finding a diagram word in a round.

Autobiographical (20G) unlocked for finding the longest possible word in a round which was 'Groomsman' and in doing so unlocked Swipe Those Tiles (10G) for completing 10 rounds.

Multilingual (10G) popped up for playing the game in an alternate language of which I chose Français. Better Than Half (10G) unlocked for finishing in the top 50% of players in a round and in doing so I unlocked Beat Your Frenemies (20G) for beating all frenenmies (I selected a random player)

The last of the nine meant that I had reached the milestone of 85,000 TA score and  moved onto Dance Central 3 and unlocked five achievements which began with Daily Grind (20G) for playing the game for seven consecutive days  and Nice Moves (20G) unlocked for claiming a 'Nice' score on 1000 moves.

Top Agent (15G) spied in for deciphering a craze on the first try an Do It... (15G) popped up for achieving five stars on 'The Hustle' in Story mode.

GOOOAAALLL! (20G) scored a hit for setting and completing a weekly goal successfully. Onto Pinball FX 2 and a solitary unlock which was Shuttle Pilot (15G) for finding five samples on the Mars table.

Jetpack Joyride rocketed up next and Alpha Charlie (5G) unlocked for flying over 2kms in distance. Reckless Racing drove in and sped to four achievements which began with Winner (5G) for winning a race.

Cup Winner (5G) unlocked for winning a cup, Proud Car Owner (5G) unlocked for purchasing a car and Picasso (5G) rolled up for painting the previously purchased car.

Finally, I played on Microsoft Solitaire and two unlocks were dealt to me in the shape of First One's Free (10G) for filliping over my first card and Jack Of All Trades (20G) for playing at least 1 game of Klondike, FreeCell, Spider, TriPeaks, and Pyramid.

A very successful day which in summary saw 25 achievements for a total of 438 True Achievement points and an amazing 305G.